Originally Issued: January, 2006-- Last Updated: November, 2009

This is a little-known "Window Of Opportunity" that
--but it's CLOSING FAST!

(Don't look for this information on the Six O'Clock News--they won't mention it
there until it's too late for you to do anything with it!)

Hi.  I'm Rev. Alex.

I love the Lord, I love His Word, and I've been teaching classes
and Seminars on Bible prophecy for the past 27 years.

Although many passages of Scripture read like today's newspaper,
(when you know how to "de-code" them)
I've never before discovered such an "in-your-face"
Biblical clue that you can use RIGHT NOW to
make some
REAL CASH as what I'm about to tell you.

Revelation, Chapter 18, Verses 1 thru 19 describe God's final
destruction of
THE CITY of Babylon (10, 16) at the time of the end.
(The fact that there are people
living there today proves that
Isaiah 13:19-22 and Jeremiah 51:26, 61-62 are yet in the future.)

What's interesting in this case, however,
is to notice who comes to the "funeral" in verses 11 and 15!
The "merchants of the earth" will have become rich by trading,
buying, and selling through BABYLON!

This gives us BIBLICAL PROOF that before the time of the end,
once again rise to the top of the
world's financial markets.

"BABYLON" in the Bible
= "IRAQ" today!

There's an event that's happened before only THREE TIMES
in modern history, and it's happening again

It's creating an incredible "window of opportunity" that
some major financial institutions and influential "insiders" are using
to set themselves up to make many
of dollars, and

It may not last much longer, so I advise you to
not waste any time taking advantage of it--
it could literally end at any moment!

At the end of World War II the German Deutsch Mark, the
Soviet Russian Ruble and the Japanese Yen went down in value
to almost nothing.
The same was true for the
Dinar in Kuwait after "Desert Storm".

If You had purchased those currencies RIGHT THEN at rock bottom
prices then sold them a few months later when those countries regained
economic stability, you could have become an
for just a few bucks!

(A personal friend of mine tells how her grandfather came here to the
U.S. from Germany in 1946 with a suitcase full of deutschmarks.  At
the time, all of it put togther wouldn't have bought a ham sandwich.
Today, his family owns

Well, that same circumstance is

Because of the conflict in Iraq you can buy 1,000 Dinar TODAY
under $10! You can buy a MILLION Dinar for less than

Our US dollar is NOT based on gold or silver as it used to be. 
Instead, it is called "fiat" currency--which simply means
that our dollar is worth a dollar
because our federal government SAYS it is.
(This is the way most countries' currencies are valued today)
The World Bank takes our government's word for it and, based on our
economic stabili
ty, assigns our dollar an international value.

Right now the World Bank has no assigned international value
to the New Iraq Dinar (NID) because
there's been
no STABLE central govenrment in Iraq
since the ousting of Saddam Hussein, and
until they elected their new Parliment and Prime Minster last year
they didn't have an official government at all.

Once Iraq has their
new government stabilized, the World Bank
will again assign
an International Value to their money.  In August, 2006,
a delegation from the World Bank began talks with the new heads of State
in Iraq for the expressed purpose of doing just that.  It was reported that
they intend to make the Iraq Dinar equal (1=1) with the U.S. Dollar!

In 2002, the day before Saddam was arrested,
the Dinar was valued at abo
ut $0.31 US!
If you ha
d 1 Million Dinar then you could have
cashed it in for ove
r 300,000 Dollars in US Money!!!
Although the Dinar i
s still good today in Iraq and its' citizens are using it
to buy and sell
daily, its' international value right now is less than
8% of a US penny

Many economists believe the Dinar will return t
o at least it's 2002 value
before the middle of next year!

On Friday, November 17, 2006 it was announced that the
Central Bank Of Iraq had just spent
$742 Million (US Dollars)
to buy back
ONE TRILLION Dinars from their local banks
to take them out of the marketplace & increase their reserves
in anticipation of international valuation.

On Monday, November 20, 2006 the EURO Commision met in Brussels
with a delegation of top Iraq officials to open talks on trade agreements.
(They wouldn't have done this if they didn't believe that Iraq's currency
would SOON have an international value!)

Although there are no "sure things" in this life when it comes to investing,
I truly believe this is as close to one as we'll ever see!

Don't let our hype-hungry media fool you--the violence going on in Iraq
today is NOT a "civil war".  Over 80% of their citizens voted in the
elections held last year in their efforts to UNIFY the country,
and it's only the radicals & terrorists who are trying to disrupt it.

About the only way you can lose is if:
1)  Iraq doesn't get their new government stabilized;
(our US government is spending over $220 Billion to help them do so--
and THE BIBLE says it will most certainly happen)
2) Iraq decides to not use this new Dinar as their currency.
(not likely--they just spent millions to print 15 TRILLION new Dinars
in 2003, and all their citizens are using it right now.)

If you buy Dinar NOW and the World Bank assigns the NID a value at
you'll make at least
FIVE TIMES your investment in a few months!

But think about this:  If you buy 3 million Dinar now (for less than $6,000 US)
and the World Bank assigns the Dinar the
2002 value of 31 cents or more,
you'd be able to buy a

Here are two U.S. Goverment websites you can check fo
background information:


Presidential Order 13303: Allows US Citizens to buy and invest in
the New Iraq . Under this Order & Coalition Provisional Government Order
39, a US citizen has the same rights to investments as an Iraqi citizen.


And another:

Also, check out The Official Bank Of Iraq Website:

Click Here & On The Numbers To See What Dinars Look Like!

50     250     500     1000     5000     10000     25000

My personal recommendation?

Buy lots
of small denomination (10,000 or less)
Dinar notes and be prepared t
o cash them in SLOWLY
when they go on the market (to stay under "big brother"'s radar)!

Don't just take my word for it:  Go to your favorite Search Engine and
type in "
Dinar", and a TON of information will pop up, along with
quite a few dealers in Dinars (be careful--some are legit, some aren't).

A few Dinar dealers are already suspending all sales--because of
daily rising prices they're holding on to the Dinar they have on hand for
themselves in anticipation of the coming "boom"--and others will only sell to
people they've already certified and verified according to "Homestead" rules.

Here are a couple of dealers I've purchased from over the past
12 months and can highly recommend for their integrity.  The
last time I checked they were still selling.
www.Why-Buy-Dinar.com               www.FreeDinar.com

Here's another dealer whose prices are among the lowest I've seen.
However, they can take up to 4 weeks to deliver, and they don't guarantee
that what you order is what you'll get if the prices change in the meantime.

I got mine.

Whenever the NID goes on the open market, my family
will be in good shape.  If you wish, I can help you get yours, too.

Whatever your current financial situation, you don't have to miss out!
Some experts are projecting that a mere
can purchase Dinar today that could easily be worth
from $10,000 to $26,000 a few months from now!

If you just want a small amount and are having trouble finding
dealers who will accommodate small orders, I normally keep a
LIMITED amount of CERTIFIED authentic new Dinars on hand
for my relatives & personal friends.

I'll send them to you--as long as they're still available--but
I'll need you to call me or email me first for current
prices and availability.  (Right now, for instance, on E-bay
ONE 1,000-Dinar note sells for $10 US, plus shipping.).

Feel free to call: (213) 483-2351 and ask for "Rev. Alex".

When these New Iraqi Dinars (NID) were minted in 2003, the
AUCTION price (to buy them from the Central Bank Of Iraq)
was set at "US$1500" (one US dollar would purchase
1500 dinars). and it remained between 1480 and 1500 for
about three years.  As a part of what happened on November
17th (news flash #1 above) the price jumped to 1450
and has been rising DAILY since.

To see what the AUCTION price is today, go to the
Bank Of Iraq website, click on "English" then on "Exchange
Rates" and note the "auction price selling dinar" value. 

Then check it again same time tomorrow.

As that number goes DOWN, the value of the Dinars I have
(and the price of the ones you have yet to buy) goes UP.

That's why I say you need to act NOW if you're going to!

Monday,March 26, 2007
The Iraqi Stock Exchange announced their application 
to join the International Federation Of Bourses,
which is key to their connecting to and trading with
all international stock exchanges--and have completed
training on their electronic circulation systems.

This rare fantastic chance to turn single dollars into thousands
ends the day they announce that the NID
is available for trade on the open market (the FOREX)
--which could be happening while you're reading this.

On Mondy, May 7, 2007 Director-General of “Rafidein Bank”,
Abdul Hussein Al-Yasiri, said that implementing the restructuring
of the banking sector will begin soon, by the adoption of a
comprehensive electronic system and mechanisms
to keep pace with new developments.

(Ed. note: They got it up and running before the end of May!)

Reprint From “Investor’s Monthly” Newsletter, 11-09-08

NIC's Investor's Monthly   November 2008 (Tenth Issue)
Welcome to the November issue of NIC Investor's Monthly

October was another good month in Iraq and things are still looking very good
in spite of the recent economic meltdown around the world.

The security situation has improved so dramatically, that the October death tolls for
civilians and US military personnel were at their lowest point of the entire war.

Oil production is ramping up and is estimated to increase
220,000 barrels per day by the end of next year.

The CBI is taking steps to keep the economy on track by lowering interest rates. In a late development,
the IMF announced it has agreed to lend Iraq 746 million dollars on the basis of their economic prosperity
and improved security situation.   The most revealing and important part of the IMF statement was that it said the
CBI was in a position to increase the pace of appreciating the dinar.  
This could be huge and we will keep you posted.

Of course, we must emphasize again that things are still fluid and anything can happen and things can change overnight.

The bottom line is that facts are facts, and this month things again look very, very good for Iraqis and for investors.

Whether or not you decide to invest in Dinars, here's
an excellent source to keep up to the minute with INSIDE
INFORMATION on what's REALLY going on in World Money Markets--
you'll get reports free of all the "media hype" and a lot more:

Money And Markets

If you don't know what a
Roth IRA is, find out now (type "Roth IRA" into your
search engine) and if you're eligible,
open one at your bank (it's free) and
direct it to buy your dinars.  If you do it right (check with your professional
tax advisor) all appreciation in value will be tax-free!

Since Jesus told us to WATCH for His coming, wouldn't it be better
to do so from your house on the hill than from a shack in the valley?

If you intend to take advantage
of this opportunity, DON'T TARRY!

Rev. Alex  (213) 483-2351

You Can Use This Button To Order Dinar,
But Remember: CALL or EMAIL ME FIRST!